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Vetrogiardini by Santoni Vetri

Through innovative solution and exclusive technologies, Vetrogiardini has maintened the transparency of glass while eliminating the fragility of this exceptional material. All the models are created with safety and tempered for security glass. Subjet to a special protective treatment that reduces the timing of the glass cleaning. Most of our models are available also in a “Public” version, which is specifically adapted to the use in more severe public areas.

The first series of outdoor and indoor benches totally in structural glass with a really strong impact in terms of communication and emotion. These emotional objects have managed to concentrate in one product, Elegance, Astonishment, Endurance and not need of maintenance. Designed to be robust for heavy loads and extreme variables weather condition. Can be positioned in any environment without altering modern or antique architectural values.

Luca Degara


He is an eclectic artist and designer and represents the creative spirit who shaped the line Vetrogiardini.

He developed a vision: the first line of benches in the world entirely made of glass.

Exploiting the most modern glass processing technologies, he gave rise to new technical solutions resulting in revolutionary furniture items, very resistant and with a peculiar aesthetics.

The uniqueness of the concept of Vetrogiardini is reflected in his motto: “On a Vetrogiardini you do not just sit… you hover in the air between your thoughts and the beauties around you.